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Stop and think for a moment. On your daily commute through Toronto, what’s the only part of your car touching the road? Unless you have a dragging muffler, the answer would be your tires. Over 1,500 kilograms of steel, plastic, and glass, and the only thing keeping it on the road is a combination of gravity and four small patches of rubber.

And just as you adjust your footwear to the changing climate, so should your tires. You wouldn’t wear running shoes in blizzard or snow boots to the beach, would you? Still not sure why you should get winter tires or all season tires for the appropriate season? Read more about winter tires and all season tires.

Would you prefer to speak with one of the knowledgeable Humberview Volkswagen dealership tire centre experts over the phone instead? Then give us a call at 1 (888) 363-0799. We’ll help you decide the right tires to buy for your VW Golf, Jetta, Passat, Tiguan, or Touareg. Don’t own a Volkswagen? That’s OK! We can source tires for all brands of vehicles at wholesale prices! Just use our parts order form to get the tires you want brought in quickly and value-priced.

Winter Snow tires

We both know living in Canada means thinking about the winter eight out of twelve months in the year. With that kind of weather, it’s worth investing in a set of tires that will increase the longevity of your vehicle and keep you safe. Trusting VW or Continental tires is the best way to prepare for winter and protect you and your family from slipping inpotentially dangerous conditions. Continental winter tires invented the award-winning targeted pattern to bite into the snow, while traction ridges grip snow and avoid hydroplaning in wet conditions.

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius, winter tires, made with soft silicone compounds, will remain flexible and sticky in the cold, their aggressive treads performing at much higher levels than summer wheels. Experience this Canadian winter with snow tires and you’ll forget the days of difficult driving.

We have replacement tires for models from over 28 vehicle manufactuers, including Acura, Buick, and GMC among others. Our expert technicians at the Humberview Volkswagen Service department will professionally install your tires so you can be sure it’s done right. We service all makes and models, so book your online service appointment today!


All-Weather Tires for Your Volkswagen

Once winter passes, it’s ideal to equip your Volkswagen with all-season tires to properly handle the current road conditions. Humberview Volkswagen carries a wide variety of top-quality all-weather tires to extend the life of your VW, so your car can adventure as much as you do. Visit our Tire and Wheel Fitment Center, where we can properly fit your vehicle with the right tires based on model and year. Now your VW can keep up with you all year long.

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