Humberview Volkswagen Platinum Membership Program

Platinum Membership Program - Humberview Volkswagen
Platinum Membership Program - Humberview Volkswagen

As a customer of Humberview Volkswagen, you’ll get more than just a great car. When you purchase a New Volkswagen from us, your journey doesn’t stop at the dealership. You will have access to exclusive benefits under our Platinum Membership Program which includes $19,500 in protection for you and your VW.

We’ve got you covered – because life is full of surprises!

Get exclusive access to our Platinum Membership Program*

with every new vehicle purchase at Humberview Volkswagen.

Providing options for when unexpected life events happen.

Eligible life events include:

• Accidental death

• Driving prohibition*

• Dismemberment

• Involuntary unemployment

• Personal bankruptcy while self-employed

• Relocation

• Total Disability

If you purchased a vehicle from us and it sustains damage due to a road hazard, PTRP will cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing the damaged tire.

• No deductible

• Not pro-rated

• Include install

• Includes roadside service

• Optional rim damage coverage

• Optional cosmetic rim damage coverage

Platinum Security - Humberview VW

Deter professional thieves.

System incorporates three components:

• Identification Code

• Warning Decal

• Theft Recovery

If Platinum Security fails to prevent theft, you become entitled to certain benefits.

Key Fob Remote and Exchange - Humberview VW

Your Platinum Key & Remote Exchange Agreement covers the costs associated with:

• Deprogramming your previous key or remote

• Purchasing your new/refurbished key or remote

• Reprogramming your new key or remote

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