The Volkswagen ‘Service Now’ Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

 The Volkswagen 'Service Now' Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

Modern Volkswagen vehicles are excellent examples of reliability and advanced design. But like all vehicles, they need a little care and attention to keep them running at their best. From periodic oil and filter changes to occasional full transmission fluid flushes, servicing your VW is essential for avoiding mechanical problems and ensuring your driving safety.

VW vehicles from recent years should be serviced roughly once a year or after every 15,000km of driving, but it can be easy to overlook booking your service appointment. And while missing a servicing interval by a few kilometers or months is unlikely to do any serious damage, it's best to keep as close to the schedule as possible. And this is where the Volkswagen Service Now warning light comes in, reminding you when it's time to book your regular service.

What Does the 'Service Now' Light Mean on Your VW? 

 The Volkswagen 'Service Now' Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

First of all, there's no need to worry when the Service Now warning light appears on your VW's dash. The warning doesn't mean that there's a problem with your vehicle, or that there's any specific issue that needs dealing with. The light is operated simply by a mileage countdown, linked to the odometer, and coming on when the recommended number of kilometers have passed since the last service.

The service warning light is therefore simply a handy reminder that a service appointment is due, rather than an active warning of trouble ahead. Nonetheless, there are a couple circumstances when the light can be an annoyance that you want to ignore, and at these times it's possible to reset the warning to deactivate it with a few easy steps.

Reasons to Reset Your Service Now Warning Light 

 The Volkswagen 'Service Now' Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

The service mileage counter should be reset as part of every VW service, and if you bring your VW to an authorized servicing department like Humberview then you can count on this being done correctly. But if you had your VW serviced elsewhere, this simple step might not have been followed, and the warning could be lighting up much earlier than necessary.

Alternatively, if you're the kind of driver who likes to change their own oil and carry out other common maintenance tasks, then you may not always need to book the minor interim services. Resetting the warning counter will stop the light from showing until the next major servicing is due.

How Do You Reset a VW Service Light?

The exact steps needed to reset the service warning will vary between the different Volkswagen models such as the VW Golf, Passat, or Jetta. For complete details, see your VW owners' manual or contact us for advice. However, to show how easy the procedure is, here are the two most common methods for resetting the service warning light on recent VW models.

 The Volkswagen 'Service Now' Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

- How to Reset the Service Light for the VW Golf

1: Turn off the ignition.
2: Press and hold the 0.0 button in the centre of the instrument cluster.
3: Turn on the ignition while keeping the 0.0 button pressed.
4: A message should appear asking if you wish to reset the oil change service. Confirm that you do by releasing the 0.0 button and pressing it again.
5: Once you receive the 'Service Was Reset' message, wait for it to disappear and then turn off the ignition.

- How to Reset the Service Warning Light for Other VW Vehicles

Several recent Volkswagen models share a similar way to reset the service light. The following steps should work for the VW Passat, Jetta, Tiguan, and others.

1: Turn off the ignition.
2: Press and hold the 0.0 button on the instrument cluster and turn on the ignition.
3: Release the 0.0 button and press the 'hour and minute' button to enter the reset function.
4: Wait a few seconds until the display changes back to normal, then turn off the ignition.
5: Wait at least ten seconds before turning on the ignition again, and the service light should be gone.

What is a VW Inspection Service?

 The Volkswagen 'Service Now' Warning Light: What It Means and How to Reset It

But while resetting the VW service light is quick and easy, it's a useful reminder that shouldn't be ignored. Book your service appointment at Humberview Volkswagen and help to prevent problems with your VW before they begin. Our expert, Volkswagen-trained technicians will carry out a thorough multi-point inspection of your vehicle, including:
- Tire inspections and pressure checks.
- Brakes inspection.
- Suspension, steering, exhaust, and transmission inspection.
- Check, top up, or replace oil, coolant, and other fluids.
- Battery and electric system check.
- Exterior bodywork and accessories check.

Our servicing department also features regular deals and special offers on genuine VW parts and accessories, from discounts on roof racks, cargo boxes, and bike carriers to prepaid maintenance plans with reduced servicing charges. Check out our current offers to see how much you can save while upgrading your VW today.

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