Here’s Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

Here's Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

There's no doubt that the future of driving will be electric, with all major automakers starting to make the switch from gas and diesel powertrains to the more sustainable alternative. Volkswagen is no exception, with an attractive electric SUV already on the market and a range of other electric vehicles in the advanced development stage.

If you're thinking of making a move to electric technology, here's what you need to know before making VW your electric choice.

How Do Electric Vehicles Work?

Here's Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) replace the traditional gas or diesel engine with one or more electric motors, and use pure electric power to drive the vehicle with zero emissions. Although EVs have been around for several decades, it's only in recent years that battery technology has advanced enough to make them a genuine alternative to traditional vehicles. As a result, today's EVs can offer outputs to rival the highest-end performance cars, along with driving ranges of several hundred kilometres on a single charge to remove any worries about being stranded without power.

What's more, where EVs until recently took several hours to charge their battery, today's tech means that rapid charging can deliver usable amounts of range in a matter of minutes, making them a convenient option as well as a sustainable one.

Introducing the Volkswagen ID.4: VW's First All-Electric SUV

Here's Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

The Volkswagen electric car range is based around the ID badge, and the company has several vehicles in the pipeline. However, the main model available today is the ID.4, winner of the World Car of the Year award in 2021, voted for by an international panel of auto journalists.

Built to a streamlined, compact SUV design, the all-electric ID.4 delivers up to 400km of driving from a full battery, with a fast charge capability adding 100km of extra range in around ten minutes. The model is rear-wheel drive as standard, offering 201 horsepower, with all-wheel drive as an available option which boosts the output past the 300 hp mark. What's more, the ID.4's interior is just as advanced as its powertrain, with impressive features including a 12" infotainment touchscreen, voice recognition technology, and wireless device connection.

Upcoming Volkswagen Electric Car Models: ID.5 and ID.8 

Here's Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

There are two confirmed VW electric vehicles shortly arriving on the market to build on the success of the ID.4. The new ID.5 is set to add a new level of sports flair to its predecessor while keeping to a similar compact crossover format. Detailed specifications haven't yet been released, but the powertrain is set to deliver up to 302 horsepower with all-wheel drive as an option.

Few details are available about the upcoming ID.8 model that's slated to arrive in 2023, but VW has confirmed that the new vehicle will be an all-electric three-row SUV with an impressive range of up to 580km.

Switching to Electric Vehicles with Volkswagen

Volkswagen's electric vehicles offer all the performance and comfort you'd expect from a high-end drive, and making the switch isn't a huge leap in purely driving terms. You'll notice swifter acceleration and smoother responsiveness thanks to the instant torque provided by the electric motors, and the drive will be quieter thanks to the lack of engine.

You'll also enjoy lower maintenance costs, with Volkswagen EVs having fewer moving parts and no need for oil changes and similar services required for old-style vehicles.

The biggest change you'll need to make is to arrange for routine charging of your vehicle. Charging at home remains a convenient option and is made easier than ever by installing a Level 2 charging station running on 240V to deliver a full charge in just a few hours.

But commercial charging stations are becoming ever more widespread, a trend that's only accelerating. Of particular interest to VW EV owners is the Electrify Canada network of public fast-charge facilities that's growing to cover the whole nation, offering three years of unlimited, free charging at any station once your VW purchase is registered with the network.

Enjoy Government Incentives Toward VW Electric Vehicles

Here's Why Your Next Volkswagen Vehicle Should Be Electric

Government incentives are available to make switching to a Volkswagen electric vehicle even more affordable and attractive. A saving of up to $5,000 on new VW EVs is available from the federal government, while there are also provincial incentives available to shave even more off the sticker price. For example, Volkswagen electric car buyers in British Columbia can receive up to $3,000 off a new vehicle, Newfoundland offers up to $5,000, and a rebate of up to $8,000 is available in Quebec.

And lastly, ChargeHub offers attractive rebates on installing home charging stations, potentially worth several hundred dollars for residential customers.

Explore VW Electric Vehicles at Humberview Volkswagen

Ready to make the switch to the electric future? Visit us now to explore the range of Volkswagen electric vehicles available today and find out how easy and affordable it is to enjoy the many benefits of the latest EV technology.

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