Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Technology is constantly changing in order to make our lives better. And Volkswagen is always trying to develop new ways to make our lives safer, convenient, and more productive. Recently, Volkswagen has come up with a way to utilize the new state-of-the-art technology to achieve those goals.

Volkswagen's Car-Net technologies work with your mobile device to provide added peace of mind to both new and experienced drivers. Here is a look at how this clever new feature can add a level of convenience and safety to your daily life.

What is Car-Net?

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Volkswagen Car-Net is an app-connected system that allows you to interact with your vehicle from your phone. You can also view health reports and other important information about your vehicle from your phone.

Car-Net first debuted in 2014, and was only available on certain models, including the Jetta, Passat, Beetle, and Tiguan. It also had limited services and was only available at no additional charge for the first six months.

Today, Car-Net is available on a wide range of models and offers more features than ever before. You can now also get several Car-Net services at no charge for the first five years.

What Features Does Car-Net Offer?

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Car-Net offers a variety of features that are classified into four categories. Here is a look at the different features that you can get with this groundbreaking system.


You can feel safe knowing that the Volkswagen Car-Net technologies are with you to provide an additional level of protection. A paid subscription is required to access the security features, which include:
Anti-Theft Alerts: Get an immediate notification sent to your phone when the security alarm is triggered.
Vehicle Location Assistance: In the event that your vehicle is stolen, the Car-Net app can help quickly locate the vehicle so that you can inform law enforcement of its whereabouts.
Automatic Crash Response: When the system detects a crash, it automatically connects you to a Car-Net operator. The operator can provide limited assistance, which includes calling emergency services on your behalf.

Remote Access

You are also able to use your phone to operate certain components of your car. Whether you are inside of your vehicle, or you are in your home, you can quickly access your vehicle with just a touch of a button.

The remote Access features are included for no additional charge and include:
Remote Start: If your vehicle is equipped with a Remote Start system, you can crank the engine while you are away from your vehicle by simply pushing a button on your phone.
Lock and Unlock the Doors: Have you ever walked into a store and realized that you forgot to lock the doors on your vehicle? It's no problem if you have Volkswagen Car-Net. Simply open the app and push the "door lock" button and continue to shop without a worry.
Engage Alarm: If you see that someone is standing too close to your vehicle, with just a push of a button, you can scare them away with flashing headlights and repetitive horn honking.
Check Your Vehicle's Important Information: Quickly check your vehicle's fuel levels and other important information.


With the Car-Net app, you will never have to wonder whether or not there is something wrong with your vehicle's engine or other vital components.

Some of the things that you can do with this feature include:
Up-to-Date Health Reports: Get monthly email health reports on your vehicle.
Repair Notifications: If Car-Net detects that a component needs to be repaired, or your vehicle needs to be serviced, the system will send you a notification through the app.
Schedule an Appointment: Quickly and easily schedule an appointment at your favourite service department with a tap of a button.

Guardian Services

If your kids or other people are going to be driving your vehicle, the Guardian features give you comfort and peace of mind by knowing that they are safe while they are in the vehicle.

Some of the Guardian features include:
Boundary Alerts: Set boundary alerts and get notifications sent directly to your phone when the vehicle crosses that boundary.
Curfew Alerts: Ensure that your kids are abiding by the curfew rules setting a curfew limit for your vehicle. If the vehicle is driven when the curfew alert is turned on, you will get notified immediately.
Valet Alert: Get notification when your vehicle gets too far away from the valet spot.

What Vehicles Come with Car-Net?

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Car-Net used to only be available on a few models. However, most new 2022 Volkswagen models come standard with Car-Net.

How to Download the Car-Net App

Everything You Need to Know About Volkswagen Car-Net in 2022

Car-Net is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. Once you have downloaded the Volkswagen Car-Net app from the app store on your mobile device, you will need to create a Volkswagen ID by submitting your email and password information. After you review and accept the Volkswagen ID Terms of Service, you will be able to use the Car-Net app.

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