Are All Season Tires Suitable for my Volkswagen in Toronto?

All Season Tires

Like summer tires, all season tires are not designed for the kind of extreme winter conditions we get across Canada. Despite its name, all season tires are designed for maximum tread life, fuel economy, and smoothness in temperate conditions. In other words, all seasons are perfectly adept for the summer, fall, and spring (and the mild winters south of the border), but once the temperature plunges below zero, the snow starts to pile up, and ice coats city intersections, they don’t grip and stop nearly as well as winter tires.

In typical cold, snowy, and icy conditions, winter tires stop about 30-percent shorter than all seasons. Although the GTA sees more mild winters than Quebec (where winter tires are mandatory) or the prairie provinces, snow tires will lower your chances of getting stuck, spinning out, sliding through intersections, or rear ending someone in poor winter conditions.

Tires for the Spring, Summer, & Fall
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